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Soy Beans

Our classic steamed and salted soy beans. Additional options include garlic or spicy, or add both for only $1 more!


Egg Rolls (8 pieces)

Deep fried and filled with chicken, carrots, and cabbage. Veggie egg rolls also available.


Pot Stickers (Gyoza) (8 pieces)

Juicy chicken wrapped in a deep fried shell.


Tempura Shrimp (6 pieces)

Sweet and savory shrimp coated in batter and fried to perfection.


Tempura Vegetables

A variety of fresh vegetables coated in batter and fried to perfection.


Tempura Combo

Can't decide between our tempura shrimp or tempura vegetables? Grab both!


Super Plate

Sailing to your table with an entourage of pot stickers, egg rolls, and calamari strips.


Baked Mussels (3 pieces)

Tender mussels with a crispy coating.


Age Dashi Tofu

Deep fried tofu with tempura sauce


Calamari Strips

Fresh and delicate calamari with a crunch and served with sweet sauce.


Fried Softshell Crab (4 pieces)

Crispy on the outside, but sweet and tender on the inside.


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