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In May of 2006, Billy Sung opened Gozen. In doing so, he brought Tulare County it's first rotary sushi bar. In February of 2009, Sung added teppanyaki to Gozen. Sung has been in the restaurant business for over 40 years, starting in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant at age 16. He opened his first restaurant in 1986 and has since launched successful restaurants in Visalia, Tulare, and Porterville. From the stainless-steel carousel, intricate light fixtures, and hand-crafted windows to the teppanyaki grills, shadowboxes of various sake, and trio of grand aquariums, Sung's scrupulous attention to detail and honed business skills can be seen in every aspect of the restaurant. The vast majority of his supplies are swiftly imported from Japan, and handled by meticulously trained sushi chefs to ensure the highest quality food for his guests. Aside from being the owner, Sung is also a master sushi chef. He takes pride in designing modern rolls that also respect traditional techniques. In his free time, Sung enjoys traveling with his family. He also excels in bowling and deep sea fishing, even featuring his large catches on the menu.

Gabriel. Head Kitchen Chef.

Head Chefs

Sammy. Head Sushi Chef

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