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Welcome to Gozen. We are a local Japanese restaurant that intertwines elegance with excitement into each bite. Since 2006, Gozen has been the premier destination for masterfully crafted sushi and a thrilling teppanyaki experience. 

The secret sauce of Gozen

Gozen was the first Japanese restaurant of it's kind in the Tulare County, introducing a carousel sushi bar as well as teppanyaki dining. Billy Sung, owner, has created a space that encapsulates beauty and precision. From the gorgeous interior design to the various selection of unique rolls and savory food, all of it is welcomed and enjoyed by guests who appreciate quality.

CHOICES. Visalia Times

"Every bite looks like a little, gift wrapped present."

Gozen Tiger Roll

Sashimi Dinner


Mochi Magic

Snow Crab Roll

Enjoy various meals cooked in front of you that taste as fulfilling as the unique, fiery shows created by each teppanyaki chef. 



Enjoy watching our meticulously trained sushi chefs craft your roll from the carousel bar, and admire the intricate design of the restaurant, all from the comfort of your seat.


Have a seat at our decorative, spacious bar, bask in an elaborate collection of Japanese and American alcohol, chat with our knowledgeable and friendly bartenders, or enjoy a sporting event on tv with your friends.



"It is a definite must, sushi fan or not."

- Tori Parker. Visalia Times Delta

"The teppanyaki menu has something for everyone..."

- Jordan Righi. Visalia Times Delta

"Gozen is the ideal place for an evening of sushi rolls and sake!"


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